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Alex Murdaugh trial – latest: Paul and Maggie’s last texts revealed as defence suggests evidence was ‘destroyed’

Alex Murdo: Who is this disgraced lawyer and why is he on trial?

The high-profile Alex Murdo murder trial is now in full swing, and prosecutors are due to call more witnesses Monday at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina.

The 54-year-old disgraced heir is accused of shooting his 52-year-old wife Maggie and 22-year-old son Paul at the family estate in Islandon on June 7, 2021. He denies the allegations.

Last week, jurors were shown dramatic bodycam footage from the scene of the gruesome murders, where he “immediately” told officers that the murders were linked to the 2019 boat crash fatality.

Mr. Murdo’s first police interrogation was also made public for the first time, showing how he described attempts to move the victims’ bloodied bodies – a tale that is refuted by law enforcement testimony and images of his “clean” hands and clothes. Photos of dog kennels from the crime scene and an emergency call made by Mr. Murdo were also shown in court.

On Monday, jurors heard the latest text messages and phone calls received by Maggie and Paul as new photos from the crime scene were released.

The lawsuit is just one of Mr Murdo’s troubles in a saga of failed hitman plot, multi-million dollar fraud schemes and unexplained deaths.


Watch: Police camera shows guns at family hunting lodge

Alex Murdo: Police camera showing guns at family hunting lodge

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 22:45


See: Murdo was taken away from the court

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 22:16


Judge Clifton Newman adjourns the trial the day after Murdo’s DNA swab is presented as evidence.

The court will reopen at 9:30 am ET Tuesday.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 22:08


Murdo was asked about how he tried to check Paul’s pulse and how he tried to turn him over. He says he tried to move him away from the kennel.

Witness testimony on Friday focused heavily on Murdo’s clothes being clear of blood, which was a very bloody scene.

When Paul’s phone fell out, Murdo says he didn’t mean to “spoil something” by trying to unlock it. In his first interview, he said that he started to do something with the phone, but abandoned it.

At one point, he says of his son: “Everything is so bad. I treated him so badly.”

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 21:58


In one of the more interesting exchanges, the SLED agent asks about CB Rowe, who works on the site. Murdo says he keeps him at work for now.

The agent then explains that, due to the remoteness of Murdo’s Moselle Road property, it seems unlikely that anyone accidentally traveled there to carry out the murders.

He implies that the killer will have some idea of ​​the property and start looking from within.

To rule out Murdo, they say they will take a DNA sample from him.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 21:46


Regarding Paul’s missing .300BLK, Murdo says he didn’t officially report it as stolen because he wasn’t sure it had been stolen or that Paul had lost it somewhere. He says he was sure he was replaced, but his other son thinks he wasn’t.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 21:42


The trial resumes and the jury returns.

Prosecutors play the second part of Murdo’s interview with officers on June 10, 2021, three days after the murders.

Murdo says the entire family, especially Paul, left weapons on the property.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 21:31


The court pauses for a short 10-minute break.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 21:14


Murdo says he can’t imagine anyone going to such extremes to kill Maggie and Paul, but adds that Paul’s friends may have more ideas about who threatened him after the boat crashed.

Asked about his son’s worst qualities, he says he was flippant and left clothes, weapons and even boats “scattered all over the state.”

Murdo seems to get very upset when he talks about his wife. He’s not sure what her doctor’s appointment was for, and remembers that Blanca, the housekeeper, cooked dinner for them the night Maggie was out.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 21:09


At his mother’s, he made several calls to his brother, his friend Chris, and his other son, Buster. He spoke to his mother’s guardian, Shelly, who lives with her, and then drove home.

Seeing that no one was at home, he went to the kennel. That’s when he says he found the bodies and called 911.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 21:02

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