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Alex Murdaugh trial live updates: Chilling text to wife after murders revealed as cousin testifies against him

Alex Murdo: Who is this disgraced lawyer and why is he on trial?

Alex Murdo’s last message to his wife, seconds after he allegedly killed her and their son, was revealed in court during Tuesday’s murder trial.

Mr. Murdo, a powerful heir to a prominent South Carolina legal dynasty, is accused of shooting Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, on the family estate in Islandton on June 7, 2021. He pleaded not guilty.

The jurors were shown mobile phone data from Maggie, Paul, and Mr. Murdo on the night of the murder.

Prosecutors say Mr. Murdo first shot Paul at 8:50 p.m. and Maggie after.

Almost immediately afterwards, cell phone data shows that Mr. Murdo made several calls to Maggie and other family members. His last text message to his wife came at 9:47 pm: “Call me baby.”

A few minutes later, he called 911, claiming to have found their bodies.

Mr. Murdo’s cousin also issued a statement showing that the 54-year-old had purchased several weapons from him in the years before the murder – weapons similar to those used to kill Maggie.

The lawsuit is just one of Mr Murdo’s troubles in a saga of failed hitman plot, multi-million dollar fraud schemes and unexplained deaths.

Live: Day Five of Testimony in Alex Murdo Murder Trial


The interrogation now moves on to the “event log” of Paul’s phone – a much more complete record than Maggie’s, as Paul used more location services than his mother.

Every few seconds, data about its location is collected.

Among the recorded events is Paul’s use of Snapchat.

Judge Newman announces a 10-minute break.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:59


The prosecution determined that the last text Paul read was at 20:48:59 and the last text Maggie read was at 20:49:27.

The message from Rogan to Paul was received eight seconds later, but was never read.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:54


Let’s move on to Paul’s text messages on the night of June 7, 2021.

At 8:48 pm, an incoming message from Megan Kimbrell reads: “I don’t like watching sad movies.”

It was read a second later. Another text says “No, I need something happy.” This has also been read.

At 20:49 a message arrives from Rogan Gibson (after 36 seconds). It’s unread.

At 21:58 another message arrives from Rogan, also unread.

At that time, Paul’s battery level dropped to 2-3 percent. Lieutenant Dove says it wouldn’t have stopped him from reading Rogan’s message at 8:49 pm and it would have been recorded in the phone log as read.

Even with heavy use, the phone will last up to 15 minutes. The phone switched off at 22:34 – 1 hour 45 minutes after the last text message arrived.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:53


First, prosecutors are investigating Paul’s June 7, 2021 phone calls.

At 8:32 pm, an incoming call from either Robert Boyle or Lucille Boyle was rejected.

At 8:40 pm, an outgoing call came in to Rogan Gibson. It was answered and lasted 4 minutes 14 seconds.

At 20:44, Rogan Gibson received another outgoing call over FaceTime. It was answered and ended in 11 seconds.

This was the last call made or received from Paul’s phone.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:39


The interrogation now shifts to Paul Murdo’s iPhone.

This phone was kept as evidence and was only unlocked by Jonathan VanHouten in early 2022 using a new Secret Service feature. A complete extraction of the phone’s data was completed and returned to Lieutenant Dove.

Paul’s phone and the SSD containing its contents are brought forward as evidence.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:33


The prosecution now alleges that Alex’s usual habit was to read texts quickly from 5 to 40 minutes with some outliers.

For almost an hour without step tracking on his phone, Alex didn’t read messages from the family group chat that he was going to visit his father in the hospital.

He didn’t read them until the next day, but texted Maggie at 9:08 pm that evening saying he was going to see his mother, two minutes after his phone registered 283 steps in four minutes.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:30


Data from Alex Murdo’s phone showing steps and movements is now entered as evidence.

The phone recorded 49 steps from 18:02 to 18:07 on June 7, 2021.

Another 173 steps were recorded between 18:14 and 18:23.

Lieutenant Dove reminds the court that it’s not the most accurate tracker, but it does indicate movement. They were either walking or running, and the phone was with them. For example, if it was in a cup holder in a car, it wouldn’t track steps.

42 steps were recorded between 18:42 and 18:43.

283 steps recorded from 18:52 to 19:02.

165 steps recorded from 19:03 to 19:11.

200 steps from 19:15 to 19:21.

47 steps from 19:28 to 19:37.

270 steps from 19:55 to 20:05.

29 steps from 19:41 to 19:48.

The chronological order of the tracker in the report is a little off, as was the case with Maggie’s phone.

Another 74 steps were tracked from 20:05 to 20:09.

Another 283 steps were recorded between 21:02 and 21:06.

At 9:08 pm, Alex Murdo texted Maggie that he was going to visit his mother.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:21


Witness testimony now transitions to Alex’s text message history.

Looking at the family group text we previously saw on Maggie’s phone, the text from John Marvin and the reply from Lynn G were not read on Alex’s phone until 13:00 on June 8th. They were sent around 20:30 June 7th.

An earlier message in this thread about visiting a seriously ill father was sent at 4:30 pm on June 7 and was read shortly after. Another text was read in a similar way some time after it was sent.

Moving on to the messages sent by Alex, they match what was sent to Maggie’s phone – it said that he was going to visit his mother shortly after 9 p.m. on the night of the murders, and then the same hour later, when he said frighteningly: “Call me baby” after she was killed.

At 10:24 pm after the murders, he wrote to Paul’s friend Rogan Gibson, “Call me.”

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:09


Call log entries deleted by anyone between June 7 and September 2021

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 15:00


The call log on Murdo’s phone on the night of the murder has been deleted.

The first piece of data presented to the court is a FaceTime call on May 30, 2021, followed by another on June 4, and another later that day.

There will be another outgoing FaceTime call on June 7 at 10:45 pm.

None of the calls to Maggie’s phone on the night of the murders are recorded in the call log.

Lieutenant Dove explains that call log data lasts longer than most iPhone data because people don’t make as many calls as they do text messages or other data points.

The gap in the call log between June 4th and 22:45 June 7th (after the kills) cannot be explained by overwriting old data.

Lieutenant Dove testifies that the call log between them was deliberately deleted. He is asked if he deleted any calls and he says no.

Oliver O’ConnellFebruary 1, 2023 14:57

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