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Bear goes selfie-crazy by snapping 400 pictures on Colorado wildlife camera | Animals

Selfie mania in wild beauties is definitely a thing, but this pig camera had no idea what it was doing.

When a curious bear stumbled upon a motion-activated wildlife camera near Boulder, Colorado, officials said, she ended up triggering hundreds of “selfies.”

Coyotes, beavers, mountain lions, black bears, birds of all kinds and many other creatures inhabit the landscape outside the city, and the Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks Department, which says its function is to conserve and protect the natural environment and land resources, monitor them.

But they were amazed when they tested one camera out of many they had placed on thousands of acres and found that out of 580 images, about 400 were of a single bear, according to NBC News.

Most animals don’t notice the camera, but officials said the bear was fascinated by the camera.

“In this case, the bear showed a particular interest in one of our wildlife cameras and took the opportunity to take hundreds of ‘selfies,'” Philip Yates, spokesman for open spaces and mountain parks, told NBC this week.

“These photos made us laugh and we thought others would too,” Yates added.

The bear can be seen from different angles: full face, looking into the lens, only a paw, protruding tongue, outgoing ass and other shots.

The department uses camera-recorded images to map wildlife habits and habitats, and to monitor land use and wildlife protection needs.

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