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Blundering Russian tank commander takes out his soldiers with turret

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Five Russian soldiers were sent flying after their bumbling commander knocked them out with a tank turret.

Footage posted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Twitter shows a tank driving past another armored vehicle that appears to be on fire.

To a cheerful tune from the Ukrainian TV show of the late 1990s “Village of Fools”, a tank can be seen driving past another tank with soldiers lined up on top.

But the turret turns and accidentally knocks at least five fighters off the tank, one of whom tries to get up.

The rest appear unharmed and flee the clumsy chaos.

The ministry tweeted: “The biggest threat to mobilized Russian infantry is from mobilized Russian tankers.”

Unassembled grips: clumsy Russian tanker shoots down comrades on another tank with a smoothbore

The clumsy commander knocked five soldiers off the tank (Photo: Telegram)

The 52-second video was posted on January 27 and has over 1.5 million views – the ministry did not say when or where it was filmed.

In December, the ministry shared a video of a Russian tank landing upside down after falling off a train, all to the song “Yakety Sax,” the Benny Hill Show soundtrack.

“Not that we’re complaining. But in the future, we ask the Russians to be more careful when unloading military equipment, ”the department wrote.

“And remember that every armored vehicle is a potential lend-lease vehicle for the (Ukrainian Army).”

According to the Dutch research group Oryx, Russia lost at least 1,600 tanks during the war.

The last time Russia lost more than 1,600 tanks since the start of the war last February (Photo: Ximena Borrazas/SOPA Images/Shutterstock)

The last time Russia lost more than 1,600 tanks since the start of the war last February (Photo: Ximena Borrazas/SOPA Images/Shutterstock)

But casualties on both sides are estimated to be in the thousands.

Andrei Medvedev, the former commander of the Wagner Group, spoke about some of the atrocities he witnessed while fighting for Moscow.

The group is a private Russian military organization with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Human rights groups say members of the scattered organization carried out mass executions of civilians and looted property affected by the conflict.

Medvedev, 26, told Reuters how he fled across the Arctic border, overcoming barbed wire and dodging border patrols and gunfire to cross the Russian-Norwegian border. Now he is seeking asylum in Norway.

“Many consider me a scoundrel, a criminal, a murderer,” Medvedev said.

“First of all, again and again, I would like to apologize, and although I do not know how this will be received, I want to say that I am sorry.

“I want to explain that I am not that person. Yes, I served in Wagner. There are some moments (in my story) that people don’t like, I joined them in general, but no one is born smart.”

Andrei Medvedev, former commander of the Russian Wagner mercenary group, poses for a photograph during an interview in Oslo, Norway, February 1, 2023.  REUTERS/Janis Laizans

Andrei Medvedev is a former member of the Wagner Group, a private Russian military organization with close ties to Vladimir Putin (Photo: Reuters)

The 26-year-old Siberian now hopes to see “the perpetrators punished”, recalling “overdue” scenes on the roads “strewn with the corpses of our soldiers” in Artemovsk.

‘The scariest thing? Realize that there are people who consider themselves to be your compatriots who can come and kill you in an instant or on someone’s order, ”he said.

“Your own people. That was probably the scariest.”

Now fears of a counter-offensive that could coincide with the outbreak of war have intensified as Moscow has amassed hundreds of thousands of troops in Ukraine.

Kyiv intelligence estimates that Russia has more than 320,000 soldiers in the country – about twice as many as at the beginning of the bloody war.

Russia strikes dozens of places a day in a marked increase in artillery shelling, leaving parts of eastern Ukraine rarely silent.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday: “I think Russia really wants some big revenge.

“I think it’s started.”

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