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Bryan Johnson spends $2m a year to give himself organs of a teenager

But Mr. Johnson explained on his website that his mission began after he sold his payment processing company for $800 million.

He suddenly felt “helpless to stop himself from overeating, to soothe the pains of life,” he wrote.

Despite its success, “when it was 7 p.m., there was nothing I could do to keep myself from this self-destructive behavior.”

He added: “Now I feel happier, more alive and fulfilled than ever in my life. I treat others better, I don’t get irritated anymore, and my mind is clear.”

Mr. Johnson’s fat has been reduced to five percent, and his jaw is now chiseled.

At his home in Venice, California, he undergoes daily blood tests and colonoscopies.

The medical team is led by 29-year-old Oliver Zolman, a physician studying aging treatments in Cambridge, England.

On his website, Dr. Zolman said he wants to prove that “patients have achieved a longevity escape rate by reversing aging and age-related disease in all 78 organs.”

He added: “By 2030, we aim to have strong evidence that we have rejuvenated all 78 organs in healthy 80-year-olds to 60.”

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