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Israel considers sending ‘weapons’ to Ukraine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was considering providing military assistance to Ukraine and was ready to mediate a war under the right “circumstances”.

Mr. Netanyahu has made no firm commitment to Ukraine, and Israel has maintained relations with Russia, which controls the skies in neighboring Syria and turns a blind eye to Israeli strikes against Iran.

Asked by CNN if Israel could provide assistance to Ukraine such as the Iron Dome, the US-backed technology that protects Israel from air attacks, he replied: “Well, I’m looking into that, of course.”

He also confirmed that he is ready to take on a diplomatic role in the conflict, if requested by both countries and the United States.

“If I am asked by all the parties concerned, I will certainly consider it, but I will not interfere,” Netaniev said. He stipulated that it should be “the right time and the right circumstances”.

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