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Maegan Hall: Officer fired for ‘sex with male colleagues’ offered strip club job | US | News

A former cop who made headlines after allegedly having sex with her co-workers has been offered a new job at a strip club. Megan Hall, 26, was fired after an internal investigation into several sexual antics with colleagues on police property and at drunken parties.

The married Hall was fired from the La Verne Police Department near Nashville, Tennessee after a string of allegations, including that she performed oral sex on co-workers on duty.

Now she’s been offered a two-night job at Deja Vu Showgirls in Nashville.

“We want her to be at Deja Vu in Nashville on March 17th. Two shows. $5,000 for the show,” said Michael Durham, regional director of the strip club.

He told Scoop Nashville: “I’m getting a moral outrage. However, she is no longer a member of the La Vergne Police Department. Now she can choose what is best for her financially.”

March 17 marks the 34th anniversary of Nashville.

Jason Cole, mayor of La Verne, a city of 40,000 about 20 miles south of Nashville, announced that Hall had been fired along with four other officers involved in the scandal.

Three more cops have been suspended without pay, Cole said, and all 62 remaining cops working for the police will be required to complete mandatory training on “rules, regulations and expectations.”

Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, Sgt. Lewis Powell, Detective Seneca Shields and Sgt. Ty McGowan was fired along with Hall.

Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco and Patrol Officer Gavin Schoberl were suspended.

A December investigation revealed that Hall had shared intimate sex photos with several officers from the La Vergne Police Department.

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Powell, a married man and father, was also on duty when Hall performed oral sex on him at the station.

None of the male officers involved in the investigation are planning to make a statement, police sergeant. This was reported to NBC by Eric Staats, president of the branch of the Fraternal Police Order.

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