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Man sues woman for ‘emotional trauma’ for refusing to be his girlfriend

A man whom the woman romantically rejected because she considered him a friend sued her for causing “emotional trauma”, prompting the woman to counter-sue.

Two Singaporeans who have known each other since 2016 are seeking millions of pounds in damages after filing lawsuits against each other.

K Kawshigan, director of drone company D1 Racing, has filed two lawsuits against Nora Tang Shu Mei, according to CNA News.

He claimed that Ms. Tang’s actions damaged his “star reputation”, caused him “trauma, depression” and led to the loss of at least five business partners.

Ms. Tang filed a counterclaim seeking damages for the money spent keeping her safe from him and the costs of consultations.

They met in 2016 and became friends. But things started to change around September 2020, when they “became wrong about how they see their relationship,” Ms Tan said.

The woman said she saw Mr. Kaushigan as a friend, but he considered her his “most intimate friend.” Later, Ms. Tang asked him to cut back on their interactions.

In his first lawsuit, Mr Kaushigan sought S$22,000 (£13,613) in damages for violating an agreement to improve their relationship. But the lawsuit was rejected by the world court, which called it an abuse of procedural rights.

“This court will not be an accomplice to his calculated attempt to force the defendant into an engagement,” the court said.

Mr Kaushigan has filed a second lawsuit in the Singapore High Court for S$3m (£1.8m) for alleged defamation and the emotional trauma he suffered.

According to the list of the High Court of Singapore, Mr. Kaushigan’s hearing is set for February 9th.

Ms Tan, on the other hand, is seeking damages of SGD 480 (£296) and SGD 1,000 (£618) for the installation of security equipment such as a digital peephole, siren sensor and smart video doorbell .

She is also seeking payment for the costs incurred for the consultations and healing sessions she performed at the request of Mr. Kaushigan.

She claimed that the harassment, anxiety, and stress were due to his actions, which she claimed forced her to keep in touch with him.

She said she had to take action after Mr Kaushigan showed up in front of her house in July 2022 and refused to leave. He also tried to approach her neighbors and her workplace after she refused to talk to him, Ms. Tang said.

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