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New Jersey: woman, 29, arrested after posing as high school student

A 29-year-old woman was arrested for impersonating a teenager in order to attend high school classes.

A 29-year-old woman was arrested after impersonating a teenager to attend high school classes (Photo: CBS News)

Authorities said a New Jersey woman was arrested after she posed as a high school student and signed up for classes for four days.

Hyejong Shin, 29, was arrested and charged with forging a government document. School board officials say she showed school authorities a fake birth certificate to pose as a teenager and attend classes at a New Brunswick high school.

“By submitting false papers, an adult female posing as a student was able to get into our high school,” New Brunswick Superintendent Aubrey Johnson said at a school board meeting.

“She was in a few classes and then most of the time in our study room as we tried to get more information from her,” he said.

Hyejeong Shin was able to enroll and attend classes at New Brunswick High School (Photo: Wikipedia)

Johnson said police were notified immediately when officers discovered the ruse. New Brunswick Today reported that she came to the attention of school staff after they were unable to identify her parent or legal guardian.

However, Shin, who was reportedly posing as a 15-year-old freshman, managed to interact with the students before the faculty noticed him. Some students even said that she contacted them to chat after class.

“Some girls I know, the girl asked them to hang out on Commercial Avenue, but they never showed up and she started acting weird with them,” said one CBS Philadelphia student.

TWEET: Breaking news: An adult woman has been arrested after impersonating a child and providing false papers for admission to a New Brunswick high school last week, @aubjohnson111 reported tonight.  She attended the school for four days and members of the community are concerned about her motives.

Superintendent Aubrey Johnson (center) addresses a school board meeting regarding Sheen’s arrest (Photo: Twitter/Charlie4Change)

“She was a student at our high school and we also made sure our students refrained from contacting her either remotely or in person,” Johnson told concerned parents at a school board meeting.

Johnson said the school spoke to students that Sheen spoke to directly.

Shin’s photo was sent to all the students who were warned not to interact with her again. According to a letter sent to students, she was banned from all school district property.

The superintendent also said the county is looking at ways to reform the paperwork process to identify forged documents.

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