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Punched, kicked and tasered: Timeline of violent arrest of Tyre Nichols | US News

Tyre Nichols was punched, kicked, tased, beaten with a baton and pepper sprayed during a violent police arrest in Memphis, video footage shows.

Father died three days after beating he received on January 7, and five officers were charged with second-degree murder.

Police initially said that Mr. Nichols had been pulled over for reckless driving and that there had been a “fight” in an attempt to apprehend him.

However, Memphis Police Chief Serelyn “CJ” Davis said an investigation into the incident could not “substantiate” the claim of reckless driving.

Here is a timeline of the highlights from the video released by the police, which recorded the events from 20:24 to 21:00.


The police dragged Tyre Nichols out of the car.

This is the first look at Mr. Nichols’ car, already stopped at the intersection, where two officers are ordering him out of the car.

One of the police officers opens the driver’s door and pulls out a 29-year-old man.

Mr. Nichols is heard telling them, “Damn, I didn’t do anything.”


As he is forced to the ground and scolded, Mr. Nichols is heard trying to calm the police down by saying, “Okay, okay.”

One of the officers tells him, “I’m going to touch your ass.”

Mr. Nichols says, “Okay, I’m on the ground… Stop, stop… You guys are really doing a lot right now. I’m just trying to get home… Stop. do something.”

He then breaks free and runs away in the direction of his mother’s house.

The officer fires a stun gun and the police pursue him.

from 20:26 to 20:31

There is no video footage of Mr. Nichols at this time of what appears to be two officers catching and apprehending Mr. Nichols.


Mr. Nichols was seen lying on the ground, held back by two officers, less than half a mile from where the traffic stop occurred.


A third officer arrives.

One of them says, “Do you want to spray again?”

Two officers can then be seen punching and spanking Mr. Nichols as he lies on the ground, trying to protect his head from the blows and yelling, “Mom. Mother”.

The newly arrived officer tells his colleagues to “be careful” before spraying Mr. Nichols, who again yelled, “Mom. Mother”.

His mother’s house is very close.

The officer then orders Mr. Nichols to “give me his hands”.

A fourth policeman arrives at the scene.

Mr. Nichols is then sprayed again, which apparently also hits the other officer, who swears.


One of the policemen kicks Mr. Nichols twice in the face.

The officer who walked away comes back and says “I’ll beat the f**k out of you with a truncheon”, raising his stick.


The officer with the baton hits Mr. Nichols three times while the other officers begin to lift him up.

One officer hits Mr. Nichols at least five times on the head while two others hold him.

He falls to the ground and the police restrain him.


A fifth officer arrives on the scene and kicks Mr. Nichols before another officer kicks him.

The sixth and seventh officers arrive and appear to be watching. One of them calls on the radio.


The officers retreat, Mr. Nichols already in handcuffs.


Mr. Nichols is being dragged along the ground and leaned against a patrol car.


Officers stand around discussing the incident, laughing and joking.

One complains that he has injured his leg.


Mr. Nichols falls to the right on the ground.

“Hey, sit down, bro,” one of the officers says. Mr. Nichols is grabbed by the arm and brought back to a sitting position.

Two paramedics arrive, but it is not clear what treatment will be given.

from 20:41 to 20:55

Mr. Nichols stays on the ground while the officers loiter around.

One leans over and tells him: “You can’t go anywhere.”

from 20:55 to 21:00

The ambulance workers seem to start courting Mr. Nichols again as he leans against the police car.

9 pm

A stretcher is rolled into place, and an ambulance arrives two minutes later.


Mr. Nichols complains of difficulty breathing and is taken to the hospital.

An autopsy later revealed that he was “bleeding heavily, caused by a severe beating”.

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