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Send Kyiv F-16 jets, US military officials tell Pentagon

North Korea on Sunday denied supplying weapons to Moscow after the United States said the nuclear-weapon state had supplied rockets and missiles to the Russian private military group Wagner.

Earlier this month, Washington called the Wagner Group a “transnational criminal organization”, citing its arms dealings in Pyongyang in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The White House has shown US intelligence agencies photographs of Russian railroad cars entering North Korea, picking up a cargo of infantry rockets and rockets, and returning to Russia, according to national security spokesman John Kirby.

In a statement released by Korea’s official Central News Agency, a senior North Korean official denied the allegations, warning that the US would face a “really unwelcome outcome” if it persisted in spreading “self-guided rumors.”

“Trying to tarnish[North Korea’s]image by fabricating something that doesn’t exist is a serious provocation that cannot be tolerated and that cannot but provoke a reaction,” said Kwon Jong-gun, director general of the US Department of Affairs.

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