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Train smashes into hijacked police car seconds after suspect is pulled from wreckage

The dramatic footage shows the moment a police car is hijacked during a normal traffic stop and then chased by a helicopter before crashing into railroad tracks where it is run over by a train.

Footage of the incident, which includes body cameras, shows officers pulling a suspect, 29-year-old Mikal Parker, from the wreckage of a patrol car minutes before it was hit by a train.

The incident happened around 2:09 a.m. Saturday as a police officer was stopping traffic in Atlanta, Georgia.

While the officer was talking to the driver and carefully letting him go, a man later identified as Parker got into the driver’s seat of the officer’s patrol car and drove away.

The police helicopter, which was already in the air, quickly found the stolen car and directed the police to the ground.

The suspect lost control, the car rolled over and partially stopped on the nearest railroad tracks.

Officers managed to get the suspect out of the car just seconds before he was hit by an oncoming train.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with theft by grabbing, running away and hinting, reckless driving, obstruction and damaging city property.

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