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TV tonight: David Cameron, Boris Johnson and François Hollande on Putin’s war | Documentary

Putin vs. the West

21:00, BBC 2

“I blame the West – us. We are to blame for allowing him to grow to this level of intimidation.” Dalia Grybauskaitė, former President of Lithuania, is one of the world leaders past and present who delve into the roots of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine in this three-part series written by Norma Percy. David Cameron, Boris Johnson, François Hollande, and Volodymyr Zelensky also detail the history—beginning with the EU’s Eastern Partnership summit in 2013, which led to fatal protests in Ukraine, the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych, Russia’s expulsion from the G8, and annexation Crimea. Holly Richardson

US Traitors

20:00 BBC 3

On this week’s first trip to the paranoid castle, it’s time for participants to visit the carnival of chaos and play the wheel of fate. Fans of the UK version of the show will find out what truth this can reveal. Then another member will be banished until the next kill. HR

silent witness

21:00, BBC 1

Blue blood is thicker than water in the coastal town of Southbay, where a family of cops seems to have sewn everything up. Can new recruits Jack and Nikki use their forensic skills to uncover the truth behind a shocking murder? In the final part of this two-part run, new techie Velvy tells Kara about his marital situation. Graeme Virtue


21:00, ITV

Going to couples therapy alone isn’t fun, but it allows Helen to answer uncomfortable questions about her marriage. Meanwhile, Maryam struggles to focus on her patients and Katherine succeeds in a complex surgical procedure with unexpected consequences. Can the night bring everything back to normal? Ellen E. Jones

Last of us

21:00, Sky Atlantic

Bill (Nick Offerman) in The Last of Us
Survive… Bill (Nick Offerman) in The Last of Us. Photo: HBO/Warner Media.

The third episode of this apocalyptic blockbuster was named one of the best hours on TV this year – and rightly so. The story focuses on survivor Bill (Nick Offerman), his relationship with the soft-hearted Frank (Murray Bartlett), and how they meet Pedro Pascal’s Joel. It’s beautiful, destructive, and filled with zombie action. HR

All the rest are on fire

22:00, channel 4

The comedy in this religious cult sitcom is to be found in batos: the gap between apocalyptic rhetoric and banal reality. Unfortunately, it’s just a cliché, with a flat script and one-dimensional characters. This week, Rachel embarks on a forbidden road trip and decides to defy strict dating rules. Phil Harrison

Movie Choice

Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer
Having fun… Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer. Photo: Columbia/Kobal/Rex/Shutterstock

Swimmer (Frank Perry, 1968) 14:10, Film4
This is probably the weirdest movie starring Burt Lancaster you’re likely to see. In Frank and Eleanor Perry’s drama, his Ned appears at a friend’s pool party in a leafy suburb, dressed only in swimming trunks. He then decides to swim home through the area’s other pools. As he passes through more and more residential buildings and meets acquaintances – welcoming or not – the reasons for his strange behavior become apparent. This is a film of contrasts: between sunny comfort and dark mystery; and Lancaster’s athletic personality and his character’s unsettling actions. Simon Wardell

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