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Tyre Nichols video live: Body cam footage to be released today as mother sends message to officers charged

Prosecutor gives press conference after 5 Memphis officers are blamed for the death of Tyre Nichols

The CCTV footage of Tyre Nichols being beaten to death will finally be made public today, a day after five police officers were charged with the murder of a black man.

Memphis officials plan to release the video Friday night, with the police chief warning that people will see for themselves how the officers have shown “disregard for basic human rights.”

Nichols, 29, was allegedly severely beaten by five police officers during a traffic stop on 7 January. Three days later he died in the hospital. An independent autopsy released by his family shows that he had “profuse bleeding” before he died.

On Thursday, officers Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmit Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith were charged with second-degree murder.

As of Friday morning, Mr. Haley was the only suspect still behind bars after the other four posted bail and were released from prison.

Shelby County District Attorney Stephen Mulroy said Thursday announcing the charges: “The world is watching us and we must show the world what lessons we can learn from this tragedy.

“We all want the same thing. We want justice for Tyre Nichols.”


Video: Nichols family urges people not to let kids watch Tyr Nichols videos

The family of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old black man who died after being violently arrested by Memphis police, are urging children not to watch upcoming footage of the confrontation.

“I’ve never seen this video, but what I’ve heard is very horrifying,” Rowan Wells, mother of Tyra Nichols, said Friday during a press conference. “Any of you who have children, please let them see this.”

Mother Tyra Nichols asks parents not to let kids watch ‘terrifying’ body camera footage

Josh MarkusJanuary 27, 2023 20:00


WATCH: Memphis police chief admits ‘no evidence’ of initial report that Tyre Nichols drove recklessly

Memphis police have retracted their original claim that Tyre Nichols was pulled over for reckless driving.

“I’ll be honest with you about the stop itself. It was said that there were witnesses to what was considered reckless driving,” Police Chief Serelyn Davis said in a statement. told CNN On Friday. “We looked at the cameras. We looked at body cameras. Even if something happened before this stop, we couldn’t confirm it.”

Here is our full shutdown report.

Josh MarkusJanuary 27, 2023 19:40


Why was Tyra Nichols pulled over by the Memphis police?

The young man’s death caused deep pain to the Nichols family and caused a citywide scandal.

Here’s what we know about the stop that started it all.

Josh MarkusJanuary 27, 2023 19:20


Ben Crump says ‘we can’t take their word for it’ in police version of Tyre Nichols’ death

Details of the police stop that led to the violent and fatal arrest of Tyre Nichols by Memphis cops earlier this year remain scarce.

“We don’t know anything other than what we saw on the video,” Ben Crump, a lawyer for the Nichols family, said during a press conference Friday.

“They say he behaved recklessly. We must see it. We certainly can’t take their word for it.”

Josh MarkusJanuary 27, 2023 19:00


Tyre Nichols family speaks out ahead of police video release

Rowan Wells, mother of Tyra Nichols, said during a press conference Friday that she couldn’t bring herself to watch the video of police brutally arresting her son, which is expected to be made public tonight.

“I have never seen this video, but what I heard is very terrible,” she said. “Any of you who have children, please let them see this.”

“I just want to ask for prayers for my family, for this entire community, and I want to tell the five police officers who killed my son that you also dishonored your families when you did this,” she added. “I will be praying for you and your families, because in the end, this should not have happened. This just shouldn’t have happened. We want justice for my son.”

Watch her full performance here via WUSA.

Josh MarkusJanuary 27, 2023 18:40


Tyre Nichols Killed Biden’s Last DOJ Trial

The U.S. Attorney for West Tennessee is one of many authorities currently investigating the violent and ultimately fatal police arrest of Tyre Nichols.

The case is the latest civil rights test for Biden’s Justice Department, which has committed to fighting police misconduct by investigating troubled police departments in Minneaples and Louisville.

Here’s our in-depth report on Joe Biden’s civil rights as president.

Josh MarkusJanuary 27, 2023 18:20


Four out of five officers charged with murder released from custody

On Thursday, officers Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmit Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith were charged with second-degree murder.

As of Friday morning, Mr. Haley was the only suspect still behind bars after the other four posted bail and were released from prison.

Mr. Mills and Mr. Smith were released on Thursday evening after each posted their $250,000 bail, according to prison records.

Mr Martin and Mr Bean were released early Friday morning.

Five officers were charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Tyre Nichols.

(Memphis Police Department)

Bevan HurleyJanuary 27, 2023 18:02


‘No evidence’ Tyre Nichols should have been stopped for reckless driving

Ms Davis told CNN the department has reviewed all available footage and found there is no credible reason for Nichols’s arrest.

Police had previously said that there was a “skirmish” as they approached Nichols’ car and he fled on foot. He was taken into custody after a second confrontation, during which he received critical injuries.

Nichols, 29, died in hospital three days later.

Bevan HurleyJanuary 27, 2023 17:30


How five cops were charged in the ‘horrific’ murder of Tyre Nichols

The 29-year-old father died in hospital a few days after he was detained by police during a traffic stop.

Now, five officers from the Memphis Police Department have been removed from their posts and imprisoned on charges of second-degree murder.

Memphis Police Chief Serelyn Davis called for calm as the camera footage will be released.

“I expect you to feel the same as the Nichols family,” she said in a video message on January 25. “I expect you to outrage at the disregard for basic human rights as our police officers are sworn to do the opposite of what is seen in the video.”

This is everything we know about the death of Tyre Nichols:

Bevan Hurley27 January 2023 17:00


Merrick Garland describes attack on Tyre Nichols as ‘deeply disturbing’

Attorney General Merrick Garland called the attack on Tyre Nichols by Memphis police “deeply disturbing.”

Mr. Garland spoke at a press conference at the Justice Department recently, ahead of the release of bodycam footage Friday night.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said he personally reviewed the footage and said he was “appalled”.

Mr Ray said his “heart goes out” to the Nichols family.

He added that law enforcement was prepared for any civil unrest following the release of the footage.

Tyra Nichols’ mother Rowan Wells at a vigil in Memphis on Thursday.

(Associated Press)

Bevan HurleyJanuary 27, 2023 16:26

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