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Ukraine calls for fighter jets as next priority after securing tanks | World

Ukraine has said it is confident in receiving Western warplanes as it seeks to step up military support for NATO following this week’s breakthrough in deliveries of modern battle tanks.

Kyiv has placed the F-16 at the top of its wish list, although officials have also pointed to the significantly more advanced F-35, as well as the Eurofighter, Tornado, the French Rafale and the Swedish Gripen fighter.

The F-16, developed in the 1970s, was once the fighter of choice for many air forces but is being phased out of service, meaning there is theoretically a large stockpile of aircraft and spare parts that Ukraine could take advantage of.

Ukraine's hopes for F-16s or other Western aircraft depend largely on the US.

Ukraine’s hopes of receiving F-16s or other Western aircraft are heavily dependent on the US.


Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer, said it was already ramping up production of new

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