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Ukraine could get F-16 fighter jets as support within Pentagon grows

Other options may include the American F-15, the German Tornado, or the Swedish Gripen.

The Ukrainian Air Force currently operates a fleet of aging Soviet-era fighter jets that are primarily used to intercept and attack Russian positions.

Meanwhile, Russia is using much more advanced fighters, including the Su-30 and Su-35. Earlier this month, the UK Department of Defense said that Russia “almost certainly” used the Su-57 FELON – its most advanced fifth-generation supersonic combat aircraft – to fly missions against Ukraine, although it likely avoided flying over Ukraine. territories due to the risk of loss of reputation and intelligence.

Despite its shortcomings, Ukraine managed to prevent Russia from dominating the skies. But with missile supplies dwindling, officials are concerned about how long he can keep it going.

Western military support was vital to Kyiv and developed rapidly during the war. Before the invasion, the idea of ​​delivering deadly aid to Ukraine was highly controversial, but Western supplies have since broken taboo after taboo.

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