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Woman ‘killed lookalike’ to fake own death

A woman in Germany has been accused of killing a doppelgänger she found on Instagram to fake her own death.

The suspect, named Shahraban K., is said to have stabbed beauty blogger Khadija Oh over 50 times, completely disfiguring her face, after luring her to a meeting in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt last August.

Shahraban K., a 24-year-old German-Iraqi woman who is a beauty blogger herself, then allegedly tried to make it look like she was the one who was killed by leaving Khadija’s body in her Mercedes car and parking it outside a friend of Shekir’s K., who was allegedly an accomplice.

Local reports say that even Shahraban K.’s parents were tricked into identifying the body as hers, before an autopsy performed a day later cast doubt on that assumption.

The extraordinary case, dubbed by the German press as a “double homicide”, is due to go to trial and Shahraban K. and Shekir K. will be charged with murder.

The prosecutor’s office believes that Shahraban K. wanted to escape from domestic troubles. “After the investigation, it can be assumed that she wanted to hide due to intra-family disagreements and fake her own death,” Veronika Grieser from the Ingolstadt prosecutor’s office told the German publication. Build.

Shahraban K., who lived in Munich, allegedly created fake Instagram accounts and tried to set up meetings with women who looked like her. She eventually found Khadija Oh, a 23-year-old Albanian citizen who lived about 100 miles from home, police said.

Shahraban K. (left) is charged with the murder of Khadija O. (left)


Shahraban K. and Shekir K., her 24-year-old boyfriend from Kosovo, allegedly proposed beauty products to the victim and went to meet her in Ingolstadt. According to prosecutors, they picked her up and took her to a forest outside the city, where they stabbed her more than 50 times.

Shahraban K. reportedly told her family that she was going to Ingolstadt to meet her ex-husband. After she did not return, her parents went to the city in search of her and on August 16 found her Mercedes near the Danube River, not far from the apartment of Shekir K.

Shekir K. allegedly helped Sharaban K. in the murder


In the back seat, they saw the body of a dark-haired young woman who had been brutally murdered and believed to be their daughter.

Several knives were reportedly found nearby, but police said Build they did not find the one with which they killed Khadija O.

Police spokesman Andreas Aichele said: “The murder weapon has not yet been found, but the burden of proof is overwhelming. The victim was killed with over 50 stab wounds and her face was badly damaged. It was brutal in the extreme.”

According to the police, after an autopsy and DNA analysis, it was found that the body really belongs to Khadija O. Shahraban K. and Shekir K. were then arrested.

Mr Aichele said investigators had checked the case. “It’s not every day that something like this happens to us, especially with such a spectacular twist. The day we found the body, we didn’t expect it to develop like this.”

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